Simple & Profitable Online Product Marketing Solutions

FusePump technology enables the extraction of product information from e-commerce websites. We then produce data feeds that allow our clients products to be distributed into other online channel marketing applications generating incremental revenues. FusePump offer an end-to-end account managed service and a suite of tools for data feed production, integration and optimisation. We work closely with our technology partners to ensure our clients maximise their online e-commerce potential.

Typically, our client's objectives are to:-

   Increase sales revenues by expanding into new online marketing channels
   Take control of their product level marketing and product data feeds across multiple channels
   Deliver marketing solutions that don't demand in-house technical service time
   Engage quickly in new online channel marketing opportunities using product data feeds
   Improve customer experience, product engagement and online conversion

We are always happy to talk to clients and agencies about their product level marketing initiatives. If you want to discuss the possibilities please use the contact us form.