Futura Process Intelligence is an ICT-company focused on developing and offering products and services in the domain of Process Intelligence. Since Process intelligence is a relatively new area of expertise, there is still al lot of ambiguity about it.

We see Process Intelligence positioned between the domains of BPM and BI. Because of the focus on processes and data/information about them it’s definitely part of the BPM area. It’s also part of the BI-arena, because we’re using process- and data-mining techniques and software for further analysis to improve the processes and businesses of our customers. We also cover and fill in one quadrant of the Balanced score card (the quadrant “internal processes”) with our process monitoring and compliance solutions.

The purpose of Process Intelligence  is to unlock the hidden knowledge about processes using historical data and help customers to improve productivity, quality and profitability by making this knowledge explicit and more comprehensible so they can use it effectively.

At the moment we are focusing on our software product Reflect, which is a SaaS application with a business model based on pay-per-use and subscriptions. Reflect is a tool suite for process mining, analysis and charting, making process models and animations, etc. In Reflect we’re using genetic algorithms, which have been researched and published at the Technical University of Eindhoven. We have a strong focus on staying ahead in the field, innovating and translating the outcomes of research into solutions that can help solve and improve real life challenges.