FutureShield Inc is a software solution provider for security, emergency management and critical infrastructure protection, helping visionary customers find the right applications for their projects.  With the ability to offer an holistic approach to their needs, FutureShield offers end-to-end solutions that will help them achieve their goals in the area of preparation, mitigation, response and recovery.   Applications are chosen for their ability to integrate effectively with current solutions, so that optimal performance, quality and value will be achieved in the final results.  

FutureShield customers have noted the benefits that these software solutions have offered to their roles and the whole of the organization:  increasing optimized productivity, interoperability, and secure/role based communications.  In addition, all supported software solutions have strong audit and reporting capabilities that offer measurable results for the purpose of legal review, mitigation and a calculated return on investment.  FutureShield visionary customers such as BC Hydro and the University of Windsor have implemented such software solutions into their security and emergency operation centres.