G10ip is a Scottish company based in Glasgow. The company was formed four years ago. We primarily develop and innovate IP based solutions.

We began by developing a product aimed specifically at the surveillance industry. This is a market sector currently thriving, as customers move from older analogue based recorders and cameras to the latest IP based solutions.

Our vision is to develop simple, cost effective solutions to record, view and playback video from IP based CCTV cameras. We launched our early development on a popular version of Linux. Developing an innovative web based client to access and manage the system. It soon became apparent after testing, this system could become much more effective and scaleable on an enterprise class operating system. Our conclusion, after much market research was standardising on the Solaris Operating System. Renowned for cast-iron stability and massive scaleability.

Our decision led us to develop our solution along the following criteria; scaleability, security and reliability. Our strategy was to create  a product that would work on any computer device. This is the reason we develop on the Java platform. After considerable collaborative engineering with Sun Microsystems labs, we discovered our appliance is vastly more scalable than traditional systems. The G10ip product also has the added capability of being viewed on any attached Java enabled device including mobile phones, PDAs and Personal Computers. We therefore have some unique USP's, and hold World Records in our market. They are:

   * The largest amount of concurrent cameras recording on a single machine.
   * The only Network Video recorder based on Solaris
   * The only Java based Network Video Recorder in the world.

Our engineers continued to innovate and developed the ability to integrate IP video surveillance with a vast number of IP sensor devices such as temperature, relative humidity, water and smoke detection. This ability is vital to a business critical environment, an example of this would be a data center. It records any changes that occur within the environment which allows the user “real time” information as well as historical data, which allows for effective decision making.

Our latest development is the ability to integrate IP door access and electronic locking systems. Integrating all these abilities we bring to the market a complete Enterprise Facility Manager, which means that facilities can be monitored from any PC, lap top, mobile phone or PDA, in fact, from any location in the world. With this information at your finger tips the end user now has the ability to make the 3Cs (Command, Control and Communication)  quickly and effectively based on real time, accurate information.

G10IP is a Limited company registered in Scotland. Registered number 266743. Registered office 505 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 8HN.