G3 Labs, Inc. pursues and promotes healthier lifestyles and better physical performance through fitness, education, and proven nutritional science. We are dedicated to providing high quality, effective products.

In 2010 we were captivated by the idea of creating a new sports drink that stood out amongst the rest. We wanted to challenge the current industry and provide a product for those of us who demand the best in sports nutrition. Designed from the ground up, minoTOR™ offers better body functionality in a convenient, high quality formula, that is effective and powerful. The foundation of our company and our product(s) are built upon innovation, hard work, and proven nutritional science. These ideologies are further realized through our core values of integrity, community, health, fitness, and education. At the end of the day it was simple. Create a high quality, effective beverage that we wanted to drink…something we could stand behind, call our own, and be proud of.

minoTOR™ embodies our passion for health, nutrition, and fitness in our lives. It’s perfect for hardworking men and women, fitness enthusiasts, weekend warriors, cross trained, endurance, and even professional athletes. While the concept of health and fitness has remained largely unchanged, the awareness and perspective of it has evolved and consumers are actively seeking out healthier alternatives.

Here's to setting new standards and raising the bar!

G3 Labs, Inc. is an Arizona based company, headquartered in Phoenix. We're looking to build a community driven by purpose and network with as many likeminded individuals as possible.

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