GALLEHR+PARTNER, the CO2 Navigator for Industries is a consulting company with strategic, technological and business expertise in the sphere of Energy and Climate Change. Since 2003, GALLEHR+PARTNER has successfully consulted power supply companies and other energy-intensive industries. Focus in the aviation sector concerns the issues Carbon Strategies and Emissions Trading, Risk Management, Energy Management and IT and/or Process Optimization. From the very beginning, GALLEHR+PARTNER engaged itself with new issues within these areas for the financial benefit of the customers. German based GALLEHR+PARTNER are active throughout Europe and Asia.

As well as founder of GALLEHR+PARTNER, Sebastian Gallehr is also CEO of the European Business Council for Sustainable Energy (e5), founding member of DESERTEC and is member of the European Climate Forum where he is process leader for Education.

GALLEHR+PARTNER joined the IATA (International Air Transport Association) Strategic Partnerships programme in 2009 to further promote understanding of environmental strategies, and in particular understanding of the Emissions Trading Scheme and its potential impact on the aviation industry. To learn more about IATA Strategic Partners and the Strategic Partnerships programme, visit the IATA Web site at www.iata.org/sp