G&A Marketing is an automotive marketing leader specializing in traffic-building advertising, increasing dealership gross profit, improving dealership closing percentages, and motivational sales training. Serving the automotive industry since 1994, G&A Marketing, Inc has conducted more than 10,000 Staffed Events and generated over $700 Million in gross profit for our clients. As a leading provider of automotive advertising and staffed events, our clients often tell us that they are continuously impressed by G&A’s unmatched industry knowledge and experience.

G&A Marketing’s corporate headquarters in suburban Cincinnati, Ohio, is home to a full time staff that support and manage each event. Additionally, G&A has over 60 of the country’s top automotive professionals under contract as retail sales managers and trainers. This means each G&A client is supported by a talented staff that greatly values the dealer’s reputation and success.

It is G&A’s mission to be the industry’s best at leading dealerships to achieve maximum performance through marketing, training, consulting and motivation. This commitment to excellence is what has continued to help generate gross profit and high CSI for our clients.

With a talented staff and 15 years of industry experience, G&A Marketing provides dealers with proven solutions to common dealership problems. Our unique ability to help clients sell more cars, make more money and have more fun is what has made G&A Marketing the unrivaled leader in Staffed Events.

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