Our Mission & Vision:

The Gbomai Bestman Foundation Inc. is dedicated to improving the health and well being of mothers and children through pre and postnatal care, nutrition, child healthcare, family planning, and health education to reduce maternal and child mortality rate in West Africa, Liberia.

It is our vision to provide free, simple, and comprehensive health care to new and expectant mothers in the rural areas of Liberia that is comparable to standards in more advanced countries so that socio‐economic class is not a barrier to good health; where child mortality is on the steady decrease, whereby giving each child the opportunity to live beyond 5 years of age.

Through our mission and vision we hope to empower the women of Liberia to make their health a priority, to ensure the safe delivery and healthy start of Liberia’s future leaders.


Our Founder:

Gbomai Bestman‐Johnson is a graduate of Howard University in Washington, DC, having earned a Bachelor of Science In Health Sciences with a concentration in Health Management. In 2001, she launched Compassionate Nursing and Health Care Agency (CNHCA) as an entrepreneurial venture in the organization and management of health services which has been recognized as a top tier nursing agency.

She established The Gbomai Bestman Foundation a commemorative venture, altruistic in nature, to serve as a repository for the memory of her mother Izetta Roberts Bestman, those lost in Liberia’s 1989 massacre, and to honor her personal trials and tribulations as a young mother. Most importantly, she founded GBF foundation to address the negligence of women in the rural areas of Liberia.

Gbomai is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives, the Greater Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce, the Who’s Who Historical Society of Professionals, and the National Association of Professional Women. She is currently married with 4 children and resides in Sandy Spring, Maryland.


A word from Gbomai:

Upon establishing this non-profit organization I asked myself, why? Why would GBF be important? Why would our work make a difference?

The Answer: Women have long been the backbone of societies across the globe. Issues such as poverty, education, and health, stem in part, from the neglect of women. Can you imagine the type of world we would live in if we began addressing women’s concerns head on and stopped ignoring the other gender? This is why our work can make a difference - because the world can be a better place when women are in a better place. GBF wants to make a concentrated effort to improve a woman’s disadvantaged position in the developing world by addressing maternal health in Liberia, West Africa. It may be the smallest piece of the messy pie of global problems - but may prove to be the most important.

Take one woman in Liberia, she, along with mothers in neighboring countries like Sierra Leone and  La Cote D’ivoire, is 300 times more likely to die during childbirth than women in developed countries. Her life is among half a million women who die each year from maternal mortality.

But take one healthy woman in Liberia. She can birth and raise healthy children. In turn, make sure her healthy children get an education by all means. Then her healthy children can become leaders in their communities. And then their country. And lead their countries out of poverty. And add to economic growth. Add to world growth. Multiply this by some umpteenth amount of developing countries. Do you get the picture? We’re not proposing 100 million dollar solutions here. We just want to give disadvantaged Liberian women the most basic things they could ever need to live a healthy life - for the world’s benefit. These include maternal care packages, sponsorship, comprehensive clinics, health education, and with your help, a world class hospital.