Chris Curtis is an independent representative of GBG and is not directly affiliated with GBG of Nevada.

GBG is a network marketing opportunity for the masses. Chris Curtis, the leader of the Prosperity Wellness Team in GBG is taking this alread amazing opportunity to the next level by providing the Prosperity Wellness Team with valuable training, resources and an advanced downline builder that helps his team members build their business.

The GBG opportunity is making the network marketing industry main stream by taking away the negative stigma given to it in recent years by greedy companies.

GBG is set up for the success of the average person and because of this, it is poised to create more wealth than any other network marketing opportunity in the history of the United States of America.

Residual income is the key to building real wealth and GBG is an opportunity that is putting unlimited residual income on the table in a way that is accessible to anyone, not just the MLM superstars.

This amazing business offers a free website, training, promotional materials and more to all of the customers who order just one bottle of any of the GBG products on monthly autoship. The customer can choose to promote the business if they wish but there is no pressure to become a business broker promoting a business opportunity since the GBG home business is free with the monthly purchase of any one bottle on autoship.