Welcome to the world of GCC Exchange. We are a fast growing money transfer, foreign exchange and payment solution brand for individuals and businesses.

We started our journey back in 2005 with our first branch in Deira, Dubai. In a short timeframe, we have won over the hearts of our customers with our friendly and efficient employees, safe yet simple procedures, transparent, timely and quality services. We are a leader in remittance business coupling low service charges with unmatched exchange rates enabling you to send money to your loved ones back home.

We have struck a chord with our business clients and their employees by disbursing timely wages and home remittances at low cost. We are one of the three top exchange houses trusted for salary processing. GCC Exchange is connected to all major banks globally through SWIFT connectivity, which enable seamless electronic fund transfer. We have also partnered with renowned Instant Money Transfer services such as MoneyGram, Trans-Fast, Xpress Money, IRemit, Instant Cash and our own product called GCC Remit. We have also recently launched our Web TT service allowing our customers to transfer money online directly into their chosen accounts from their environs.

To make you smile everytime, at all our branches, you will come across well-trained, efficient, and friendly staff to greet you and make you feel at home. We are a socially responsible business and committed to follow stringent AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policy to prevent fraudulent practices. With the continued support of our customers, we are fast growing and determined to become the most trusted global exchange brand.

To be customers preferred and trusted exchange house.

     To provide high quality financial services at a reasonable cost
     To provide fast and efficient customer services
     To maintain corporate and business ethics
     To display team spirit
     To become a financial advisor to our customers for foreign exchange and remittance

Core Values

     Business Ethics
     Social Responsibility
     Leadership

Compliance, to keep customers'  trust

We leave no stone unturned to offer the best to our customers. We ensure that we operate within the precincts of the law, as we believe in conducting business responsibly. In this regard, we have in place an efficient compliance team who ensures that we adhere to all policies and procedures, set down by international regulatory bodies. All procedures are well-documented and defined to ensure transparency and accountability of operations. A spirit of cooperation is promoted among everyone concerned and the benefits of these competencies are passed on  to our customers, both corporate  and retail.

Technology, for superior customer service

At GCC Exchange, our business runs on efficient support systems using state-of-the-art technologies. Our processes are evaluated  and  modified as per the needs of the customer. Towards this, we invest in the best and the latest that technology has to offer. Processes are fully automated and our in-house technology team ensures self-sufficiency in software development and support at all times. Several of our products and services are technology backed ensuring high levels of satisfaction to our customers.

Corporate Office
#802, 8th Floor
Emirates NBD Building
Baniyas Road, Near Abra
Deira, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Tel:  +971-4-2566686
Fax: +971-4-2566687
Email: info@gccexchange.com