GCR has established a technologically competitive infrastructure to assist our clients with their business strategies. Whatever channel your customer prefers to utilize in their time of need (e-mail, phone, chat, etc.) will be answered quickly and professionally attended to. We built the GCR infrastructure up in accordance with the highest standards of availability, reliability, flexibility and security along with total equipment redundancy (including servers) as well as data protection software.

We know that technology is the backbone of any internet based company. With our support center at your service, we can provide you with a completely customized experience that’s geared specifically for your customers. Our cutting edge customer relationship management software along with our state of the art PBX VoIP equipment allows us to have your incoming traffic securely distributed along with your guidelines to our highly trained customer service representatives in a fast and reliable manner.

We recognize that customer satisfaction is an important key to success; this is why we place tremendous emphasis on our training process and issue weekly updates to provide our service team with the best resources in assisting your clients.

Our center provides 24/7 support with 99% uptime. We have a specialized training staff and on the clock managers who constantly monitor the employee’s performance to continually guarantee the highest level of customer service.

Costa Rica is the perfect near-shore outsourcing solution for many reasons. Costa Rica has a very solid infrastructure. They have a stable democratic government and competitive labor costs. Most importantly, Costa Rica features a call center job pool that is especially in tune to the North American culture.

Offshore call centers in India and the Philippines obviously have employees who are bilingual in their native Middle Eastern or Asian language. Since English is their second language, it tends to be very difficult on the North American ear to understand. This can become a major obstacle in maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Call center jobs are some of the top paying career opportunities in Costa Rica. This differs greatly from other countries that consider it as a starting position in a dead end company. Turnover in those countries are five to ten times higher than in Costa Rica. High turnovers are a major red flag concerning the quality of service your customers are going to receive. Your customers experience through a call center is a reflection of your company. Having the best customer service must be a high priority for continued growth & overall success in every industry.

GCR Support agents are trained in the fine arts of customer satisfaction. Our core belief is that exceptional service guarantees everyone the highest level of returning customers. Since we act in your behalf, your success is our success!