Gold Coast Social Media is a specialist Social Media Marketing company based in the Gold Coast, QLD Australia and is proudly Australian owned and operated.

Our business mission is to allow our customers to defer the time consuming task of Word of Mouth Marketing on the internet to us and we will do it or them, with guaranteed results.

Our team comprises of both marketing and technology specialists with local and international experience so that we can provide you with a complete Social Media Marketing solution.

So, what is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is Word of Mouth Marketing on the internet. Now that more people than ever are using social media to interact with others – Facebook alone has 484 million subscribers (and counting) and 200 million daily visitors – businesses now have the opportunity to engage their target audience via this method to create new marketing opportunities, create communities around their products and services and open up new streams of revenue that traditional marketing has previously failed to afford them.  

Social Media Marketing as a strategy is complemented well by Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your corporate website and the two techniques sometimes overlap each other in how they provide online benefits to your business, such that they can in part be assumed to be features of each other.  Certainly in the service that we provide our customers, we shape our packages around creating and/or improving your online destination for advertising your business (your traditional SEO) and then work to create extensive keyword relevancy and inbound links to that destination through techniques such as press releases, blogging and status updates (SMM).

How does Social Media Marketing work?

There are two types of audiences for Social Media Marketing – people and search engines.  We call this direct (people) and indirect (search engines) Social Media Marketing. In many instances, the desire of businesses to have their website rank significantly higher in search engines is reason enough to employ a Social Media Marketing strategy as search engines are the ultimate Word of Mouth Marketing tool and give a significant ranking improvement to your website if it can detect that you are using various forms of social media to create awareness around your business.

For example, Google’s index is particularly obsessed with content.  Blogs are content and if a search engine can detect that a blog attached is to your website and then find regular content to index, it will in turn create a score against that content for various keywords that your site aims to attract.  Comapnies with blogs have been shown to drive over 50% more traffic.  More traffic more leads.

The second aspect of Social Media Marketing to search engines involves links back to your site.  Google are well known to have reinvented the concept of relevant search when their two inventors hypothosised that the more sites that link back to the one page, the more relevant that page must be to what people are searching for.  Social media helps create backlinks hence helping to lift your sites ranking.

Of course, all this social connectivity that surrounds your online material needs to be maintained.

How does Gold Coast Social Media make all this work for my business?

We do this maintenance for you.  We create your social media accounts, even your website if required.  We do the hard work drafting blog articles for you, building social media followers for you on Facebook and Twitter and we help create your backlinks.

We are you social media partner!

We have a range of packages to help your business.

Social Media Setup – We replace your old website with a brand new search engine friendly platform, setup your Social Media accounts and then market your business online every day for four weeks!

Social Media Outsourcer – Have social media channels but lack the time to grow and maintain them? We do it for you, every day, for less than the cost of a weekly newspaper ad!

Social Media Trainer – Social Media Marketing is no secret, it’s just time consuming. If you have that time and want to do it youself, we can show you how to do it effectively and grow your online presence.

Let us help you!

We have clients locally and accross Australia marketing to local  and  international markets