The Global Executive Master in International Negotiation and Mediation – GEMINi – is a unique concept in Executive Education integrating a real hands-on experience across countries. The program’s classroom spans across six countries through most reputed international institutions where participants travel through time zones, hemispheres and cultures while learning. The program is dedicated to transforming the understanding and practice of international negotiation by placing human culture and ethical values as central factors for success.

The GEMINi Award is a revolutionary concept in Executive Education. This one-of-a-kind program is tailor made for Executives who need immediate application of knowledge in international business. The program accepts few participants (10-20) every year and takes them to a round-the-world trip during 6 weeks over which Executives learn from first-hand experience with local experts. All the disciplines and contents needed to enable businesspeople to excel in international settings are conveyed through workshops throughout the six weeks of the Learning Expedition. The Learning Expedition benefits from partnerships with highly reputed institutions worldwide. Consecutively to the Learning Expedition and in order to earn the corresponding degree, participants work on their own respective case studies for which they are assigned with an expert mentor.

Why did we create the GEMINi Award?
Executives are too busy to waste their time working on homework over nights and weekends. They are not to be lectured like students. Executives have better to do than work on pre-existing case studies about companies and problems that are far away from their own daily concerns. Executives are not to be treated like one more anonymous person in 70/100-people classrooms. Executives need tools, not theory. ‎They need pragmatism and guidance from people who are on the same wavelength as them. Executives in companies need to have tailor made interactions with experts guiding them towards the most appropriate ways of reaching their aims. Executives need hands-on experience instead of classrooms to learn and take all the best out of a program that is created just for them.

Executives need the GEMINi Award.

The GEMINi Award is the only program created for Executives that brings together academic work and hands-on international first-hand experience. To know more about GEMINi visit www.geminiaward.org.