I celebrated  my 55th year in song writing in June of 2017. In 1962 I was doing a lot of flying and spending time waiting in airports.  I decided to try my hand at lyrics to pass the  time.  I met songwriters during my travels and they gave me ideas.  I wrote as often as I could and I estimate I have written 5,000 lyrics.  My long time co-writer, Billy Stone and I spent several years knocking on the doors in Nashville.  We placed a total of about 25 songs with a number of publishers.  One such publisher placed our song, Turn The Record Over, in a full length movie, From Nashville With Music. My real joy comes from the people I have met.  I worked with Gene Stallings, Charlie Walker, Neil Bonnett, Jim Hamill, and Orval Profit.  We have also worked in the studio with many legends in the music business. This year we have released three songs and two videos.  So the love for the skill of writing lives on.