GET DOWN, is the edgy HIV/AIDS public service announcement campaign that frankly portrays sexually active teens/youth of various sexual identities, who are experimenting with multiple sexual partners, and the consequences they deal with as a result.

The GET DOWN PSA BLOG is where people of all ages and backgrounds can share stories, opinions, facts and “newsy bits” about HIV/AIDS related topics in an effort to encourage healthy, productive and positive dialogue and maintain heightened awareness.  The GET DOWN PSA BLOG cover not just HIV/AIDS and safe sex, but sexual behavior, identity and the issues here and abroad that affect these areas. Our supporters include Dawn Richard (Dirty Money) and DeMarco Majors (LOGO’s Shirts and Skins) who both starred in the PSAs.  

GET DOWN was produced, and directed by Kim J. Ford of Lionqueen 192 Productions, Inc., written by Kim J. Ford and co-produced by De’Von Christopher, President & CEO of Bleu Life Media/Publisher Bleu Magazine.  GET DOWN’s Blogger in Chief is Alysia Christiani, a writer, graphic designer and single mother of two.

GET DOWN is partnered with FACES NY, a New York-based non-profit (formerly the Minority Task Force on Aids) that is celebrating its 26th year in the fight against HIV/AIDS and providing care to the community. "It has been an honor to work on the GET DOWN campaign with such a dedicated person as Kim Ford", says Violet Tabor, Executive Director of FACES NY. "FACES NY is committed to providing safer-sex education within a framework of addressing the health concerns that impact our urban youth of today."  FACES NY will serve as the “clearing house” in the New York City area to refer and provide answers about testing and counseling from teens, young adult and families in need. Outside of New York City, there will be a list of testing and counseling centers and help lines by state listed on the project’s MySpace page and blog where visitors can type in their zip code and find out the closest help centers in their area.