Global Healthcare Resources (GHR) is a solutions firm comprised of international experts providing consultative services to organizations and government bodies seeking strategy, development and market penetration in the spaces of healthcare, wellness, well-being, medical and wellness travel, employee benefits, insurance, precision medicine, and genomics. GHR touches over 2.5 million C-Suite, HR, insurance, healthcare, and travel executives with a reach of over 1.25 million members in the leading LinkedIn Groups it manages. GHR procures partnerships with the Founders and the C-Suite of industry forerunners and disruptive companies to bring their vision to life.

GHR works with the CEO’s of the most influential health insurance companies, corporations, hospitals, and brokerage firms to augment their professional and organizational growth. The pinnacle of global industry events are managed by GHR, including Healthcare Revolution®, The Precision Medicine Congress™, Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress® and the World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress®.

GHR ensures industry visibility and authority for clients through feasibility studies, benchmarking, and market analysis. Innovative roadmaps and thought leadership strategies pave the way for lead generation through webinars, whitepapers, research and focus groups, business development, and GHR’s coined “Concierge Client Program”, connecting partners directly with dream clients.

GHR publishes the Corporate Wellness Magazine and the Medical Tourism Magazine and manages the professional development and business events for leading associations such as the Corporate Wellness Association®, Medical Tourism Association®, Voluntary Benefits Association®, Self-Funding Employer Association® and the Healthcare Reform Center & Policy Institute®. GHR is partnered with the International Healthcare Research Center® and the Well-being Institute™ in developing research and peer reviewed publications in all of the industries impacting health and well-being.

Global Healthcare Resources is a worldwide authority in the field of healthcare and wellness, with the influence to act as a global connector for Fortune 500 companies, a market penetrating facilitator for brand-new startups, an accrediting body for enterprise facilities, and a custom-tailored consulting firm with the ability to augment the growth of any business in the field.