GraMedica® is a global orthopedic medical device company and leader in foot care solutions. Our products are developed to correct the root problem, not merely treat the symptoms. All products are developed by surgeons with years of experience in their own practices.

GraMedica® is the parent company behind the HyProCure® TaloTarsal Stabilization device and the osteo-WEDGE™ Open Wedge Bone Locking system. GraMedica® directly oversees research, production, and worldwide support.

Through its HyProCure® product line, GraMedica® is expanding awareness of talotarsal dislocation to the general public. This is a very common condition with wide-ranging implications to the entire body, yet it is often undiagnosed and untreated.

Through its sister organization, the Graham International Implant Institute (GIII), GraMedica® focuses on educating foot and ankle surgeons on real treatment solutions for better patient outcomes. GIII provides online training as well as hands-on training seminars and lectures throughout North America and Europe.

GraMedica® continues to develop additional product lines to support its mission of “Changing lives, one step at a time.”