We are a "Full Service Public Relations Company with impressive credentials and a dynamic rooster in: fashion, film, television, music, sports, literary, products, services and more.  Our mission is to provide clients with the highest quality of Public Relation services that meets and exceeds expectations.  We  are devoted to providing PR counseling and strategic communication planning services for clients and businesses, enabling them to build strong relationships and to influence attitudes and behaviors in a specific industries.  Our firm specializes in representing talent/product/brand and service organizations.  We have established an extraordinary and strong business network within the film, television, fashion, music, sports and other entertainment industries.  We  currently represent a diverse roster of talent (award winning directors/actors, Grammy Award winning artists/multi-platinum selling producers, celebrity designers, models, consumer brands, and much more.  We offer a wide range of public relations and entertainment platforms throughout the nation for major clients. We have been awarded various public relation assignments for clients via our “Innovative Public Relation Strategies.” We have an exceptional ability to effectively meet and exceed goals of establishing and maintaining “A Cut Above” public relation services. We are experts in public relations and have created and set the standards for public relation campaigns. As you know, a company’s commitment to both, those that work for the company and those that participates at their events, coupled with management goals, are critical to the accomplishment of individual, brand, product and service “Public Relation” goals. In an increasingly public relation minded nation, publicity skills are required to meet these ever-changing public relation objectives. Our public relation proficiencies paired with the aptitude to excel in “High Profile” individual/brand/product/service environments, will contribute to the ongoing success, growth and maximization of meeting (and exceeding) our “Clients” public relation goals.  We provide our clients the opportunity to reduce media stress by enlisting us to handle all areas of public relations. Our goal is to give each client a unique experience through the entire campaign cycle. We work hard to maintain a corporate culture, which reflects our values of high ethical standards, reliability and professionalism.