Our local marketing group has been in existence for 18 months.  We have a great mix of business owners, who have launched new businesses, products, improved their business systems, and are developing business strategies and marketing promotions to crush the competition.  We are a peer review and promotional group, and we do not limit the number of members by business category.

The chapter meets the 2nd Thursday each month at a local restaurant, from 5:45 PM to 8:15 PM.  This has nothing to do with multi-level marketing or high pressure sales.  It is a mutually beneficial idea session that is producing fantastic results.

We have significant member participation, book reviews, individual examples of projects and marketing pieces being created, plus we often invite interesting locals to be guest speakers.  We come open minded with a willingness to try something new.  We do not subscribe to the recession or blame others for our failures.  Our meetings are upbeat, fun, warm and friendly.  Although a great deal of networking takes place, that is not the focus.  No one is required to bring leads and attendance is not mandatory.  Those that come regularly simply make the most progress in their business.  An added bonus is the forging of deep friendships among the members.

As the chapter leader and Independent Business Advisor, I can personally attest to the significant change that has taken place since I started following the Dan Kennedy / Bill Glazer strategies.  Several years ago a friend directed me to and I began the journey out of the fog of marketing blindness.

As a Realtor with Re/Max Gold, I discovered that I should be a marketer first and a Realtor second.  I was also happy to figure out that I had been doing many things correctly and had no idea the vast amount of information that would propel my income to a much higher level.  Frankly, it is up to each member to read and implement the ideas available.  If you are already thinking, "MY business is different and I couldn't possibly apply marketing," you are already closing your mind.  It simply isn't true.

Let me encourage you to visit once or twice, speak to other members, and leave suspicion at the door.  Remember, an open mind is not a head wound!

Please feel free to call me for more information... 530-701-4820.  I answer my phone!

Jan Duke, Re/Max Gold