At GleamDiva, whether our students have prior experience or not, we deliver a series of specialized lessons and skills aimed at dissecting each and every aspect of pageantry. Through both practical and theory lessons we reveal the basics and much more – from catwalk skills to the untold secrets, tips and tricks, to the all-important Dos and Don’ts of competing.

Pageant Coach Preeti Vashisht Joshi  teaches aspirants to win! Compete
with never-before-shared insights on pageant walking, interviewing, and performing. Our coaching has helped many past Miss India, Mr. India, Mrs. India, Manhunt and Megamodel winners!! Our students have phenomenal presentation skills because we show them how to be in control of their environment and how to communicate effectively with the judges and audience members. Our techniques will help to eliminate any fear or nervousness that they have about competing in the Swimsuit and Evening Gown competitions.

Course Details:-
• Pageant & Ramp Walk • Personality & Grooming • Posture & Poise. • Camera Facing Techniques & Portfolio Assistance •Social Graces • Makeup & Hairdo Lessons • Posing Techniques • Public Speaking &Voice Modulation • Modeling Technique & Body Language • Making a Positive First Impression • Wardrobe Analysis & Power Dressing Lessons • Diet, Nutrition & Fitness Assistance • Confidence Building • Mental Preparation • Question Handling (Preliminary Round, Prejudging, On Stage and One-on-One) • Platform Development •Dining Etiquette

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