GN solids control- Is a China based oil & gas drilling fluid solid  control equipments manufacturer. Our company and factory are located in the iron production center city-Tangshan,China.GN Solid  Control Quality Management System is ISO 9001-2000 certified. GN solids control started from a small equipments factory,with good management,right market strategy,we keep developing very fast. At present, we increased plenty of investment in manufacture,and marketing, our production capacity of the drilling fluid circulation system is over 120 sets.Now we operates a global network of sales, service, manufacturing, distribution of solids control equipments and system around the world. And we enjoy a good reputation in the international oilfield equipments industry.

GN solids control equipments

Fluids Processing system, Shale Shaker, Mud cleaner, Hydrocyclone(Desander & Desilter),Decanting Centrifuge,Vacuum degasser,Sand pump,Gas-liquid Separator,Jet Mud  Mixer,Mud Agitator, Shear Pump,Submersible slurry pump, Electric Ignition Device ,Mud Gun, Mud Tank,Mixed-hopper, series solid control equipment and the drilling fluid circulation system for oil gas drilling, the products are widely used in petroleum oil and gas exploration industry, no-dig engineering, geotechnical engineering, mine, metallurgy, coal, hydropower and many other industries.GN solids control products can be used in both onshore and offshore oilfield project.

GN Solids control market:

GN Solids control Equipments are widely used in many China oilfields.Our domestic branch is located in oil gas rich cities center-Northwest of China.We also have established customer service offices in many big cities in China.
With our fast development,we broke into the international market smoothly,We have established a cooperative relationship with Schlumberger Oilfield Company of the United States and Century Int'l Oilfield Equip. LLC of the United Arab Emirates, and so on. Our products have been used in large-scale national projects —— West-East Gas Pipeline and exported to Venezuela, Indonesia, Russia, the United Arab Emirates,Turkey,and Morocco and many other countries which are rich in oil and gas resources.Now we are keeping up enlarging our global market network.Welcome to join GN solids control and provide worldwide customers with first-class products, over-expected service,unlimited value.