Welcome to the world's first anti-vice skin and grooming solutions brand.

From excess sun to fine Scotch, GOA Skincare provides a release from the negative effects of the vices on the skin. It demonstrates the use of current botanical technology, fine living, style and vanity; where an investment in oneself is seen as a sign of respect to themselves and for those around them. From German engineered grooming hardware to avant-garde skincare from California, the products are tools for the success of the modern man.

GOA Skincare launches an anti-vice skin and grooming collection. For fine living, it is an adventurous lifestyle for men who want to obtain the knowledge of self-preservation and accentuate their success. With the use of rapid-result, anti-vice complexes and easy routines GOA has the pleasure of creating high-concentrates to bring men a dedicated skin and grooming brand that is formulated to eliminate the signs of age that are caused by excess habit. These vices include excess sun exposure, the drink, smoke, excess fatigue from sports, work, etc.

Founder and Creator Rodrigo Diaz

Mexican born Canadian Rodrigo Diaz, studied biochemistry at Queen’s University, later studying fashion design at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy. Diaz later worked with major brands like Max Mara and Christian Dior as a senior accessory designer then moved to India to lead Dior’s design team and production. Diaz was then intrigued by India’s traditional skincare rituals and personal connection which led him into the world of skincare.

The Lifestyle

“Travelling throughout the world, I listened to my friends and colleagues about personal issues with drinking, smoking, lack of sleep etc., Not only impacting their health, but the way they see themselves in the mirror. There is a change in their skin, which disrupts their lifestyle (not to mention the 8:30am meeting). Why change what they love most? And why disrupt what makes them successful? The vices are a part of everyone as everyone has at least one. GOA Skincare was created to let men understand the vices and look good doing it while not facing the physical repercussions. This understanding is important in every way as with understanding precedes moderation. And moderation is the key to a successful lifestyle.  If I could sum up GOA Skincare I would say that it is a “Vanity for the Alter Ego” as it promotes a man’s ability to become his ultimate self.
-     Rodrigo Diaz, Founder & Creative Director

How: The Products

GOA lives on the border of its clients’ lifestyles by creating biochemical artistries. These formulas use muscle inhibitors, viper snake proteins, dark phyto-matter and tetrapeptide complexes to reverse damages and aging signs that are caused by the good-life.

Key product notes:

i) High grade, Dark-PHYTO technology (concentrated plant cells) ingredients (Cargo)
ii) No dilution in water (0% water) for higher concentrations
iii) Highly efficient, botanical delivery systems through skin
v) Organic Ingredients