You’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip. You need everything to be perfect. You’ve read some guide books, searched dozens of web sites & travel forums, but you’re still not sure what the right itinerary is or how to guarantee yourself flawless logistics with local support. You need someone with the local expertise & enthusiasm to get you the rooms with the best views, the savviest English-speaking guides, the free upgrades & special access. In short, you need a one stop Travel Operator who will answer all your questions & will get you the maximum experience for your travel currency.

Golden Egypt tours are a full-fledged travel agent & tour operator located in the heart of Alexandria. Our best assets are enthusiastic, well-educated guides, drivers & office personnel. They are as eager to share our country's treasures as you are to experience them.

Over the years we have built a strong & loyal relationship with our service suppliers, specially hotels, local guides, transporters & others who have added a touch of Egyptian hospitality to your Egypt holiday. We have been offering a variety of travel services & holiday planning that are sure to match all your priorities & budget. You arrive at your destination with a professional plan in place, no unhappy surprises with hotels or tours & you are guaranteed a warm & personal welcome all throughout your stay.

With dedicated & professionally trained staff that have first hand product-knowledge, acquired through living & guiding tours in Egypt. We are very proud of our country & what it has to offer & it shows.