The GOLDENROOM Online Journal for Cross Cultural Relations www.goldenroom.co.uk is the only umbrella organisation that recognises, represents and provides resources for all facets of cross cultural identity.

The UK has one of the fastest growing mixed race/
mixed ethnicity populations in the world.

The ‘mixed’ population alone comprises a market total exceeding 2 million people.

The Mixed race population has grown by more than 75% in less than a decade.

Over half a million people identified themselves as ‘mixed’ in the last census (2001).

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GOLDENROOM is the leading go-to place for the increasing cross-cultural population, providing resources, information and products representative of dual, mixed or multi heritage people.
A place to celebrate and enrich their lives, families and communities.
No publication, nor organization exists to represent all facets of cross cultural
relationships; mixed ethnic, mixed race, inter faith, bilingual, dual heritage, or multi-cultural and especially as a consumer market.

Likewise until GoldenRoom no publication, nor organization has included the business world as an important actor in cross-cultural relations.

You can reach this niche market with exponential potential by advertising in our monthly journal. Our adverstisers include businesses, but also charity and governmental organisations.