GO Paperless!™ Corporation (www.gopaperless.info), a leading eco-friendly paperless publishing and digital media company provides the GO Paperless!™ Publishing service available for any business to serve over 300 million consumers anywhere and at anytime for any marketing campaign without the need for print.

According to Pew Internet Research in 2008, 73% of consumers had access to the Big Three: Internet, Email and Mobile Phones. 59% of mobile users are text messaging and email is the number one reason why people go online.

GO Paperless!™ enables any business to immediately set up paperless alternatives to traditional print marketing campaigns – like flyers, direct mail and brochures. GO Paperless!™ makes digital copies of all print materials retrievable via mobile phone, allowing consumers and businesses to send, receive and share PDFs with one another using a text message.

Businesses are provided a KEYWORD and a Publishing Mark that they can promote on billboards, in advertising and on products for display. Once the KEYWORD and MARK are promoted, consumers wanting the campaign information can send a text message with the KEYWORD and their email address to receive the campaign information digitally in their inbox.

The American Marketing Association states that up to 90% of print marketing collateral is never used by sales professionals. This along with the 44% of Direct Mail that directly goes into the waste stream as reported by Time Magazine makes print marketing one of the worst value for dollar engagements by business.

GO Paperless!™ Publishing provides immediate help for businesses who want to reduce paper waste in print marketing with pre-packaged sustainable campaigns including the GO Paperless!™ Eco-Alerts Program, Product Eco-Sheets and Paper or Paperless™.

Businesses can also choose to use the service to reduce the cost of arming their sales teams and business partners with business cards, product brochures and catalogs. GO Paperless!™ Publishing saves businesses print costs while enabling them to begin to green their business and show their customers their commitment to reduce environment waste.

To register with GO Paperless!™ Publishing, send a text message with the KEYWORD “GO” and your email address to the short-code 51051. Type: “GO(space)youremail@address” in a new text message and send it to the number 51051. The service is standard rated and is available across North America on most major wireless carriers.