GPS Fleet Solutions is a leader in the distribution of GPS tracking, telematics and fleet management technology. Our mission is to learn the top fleet issues faced by our customers and then match them with a technology that will resolve those issues for the lowest investment. Our team will go above and beyond the sale to insure your satisfaction with our products and services. Our goal is to improve your bottom line by making your fleet operations more efficient, productive, safe and risk-free. Many of our customers have an ROI in less than 90 days!

Our solutions include various telematics products that will help your customers understand the risk their fleets represent and possible actions to mitigate that risk. With detailed information on speed, miles driven, harsh breaking, jackrabbit starts and vehicle systems performance through the engine control module, fleet operators can look at their fleet activity in a new way. With proper management of the data fleet operators can drive down expenses through risk and safety improvements never before possible in addition to the routine benefits of improved efficiency, accountability, productivity, customer service and dispatching.

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