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Lost, Stolen or Missing—Find It with a GPS Tracking System:

Whether you have one vehicle or over 1000, GPS Solutions can provide you with a GPS tracking system that meets your vehicle tracking needs. We have created an affordable GPS vehicle tracking system that will provide you with cost effective, real-time vehicle location, mapping and reporting.

Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management at Their Best:

We offer you Industry-Leading REAL-TIME GPS tracking and reporting. A GPS vehicle tracking system is intended to provide vehicle location information so you know where your vehicle is, what it is doing and where it has been. Vehicle tracking reports includes valuable information such as speeds and headings. A GPS tracking system can locate a vehicle from any computer or device with internet access, from anywhere on the globe at any time.

In need of vehicle tracking for better fleet management? A GPS tracking system can pinpoint your position or the position of every vehicle in your fleet, no matter how large or small. The vehicle tracking system is becoming popular for individuals as well. GPS Solutions has endless GPS vehicle tracking solutions for your business including:

Use GPS tracking to eliminate moonlighting with your vehicles
Reduce accidents and lower insurance premiums with a GPS tracking system
Promote safe driving habits among employees on the road with vehicle tracking and speed reports
GPS vehicle tracking provides reports of miles driven for every vehicle
Fleet management will reduce your company fuel bill and increase miles driven per gallon of fuel

It's simple... for about $1 a day you will have better control of your fleet management costs and be in a position to better serve your customer by more efficiently managing your fleet. Please review our entire site for all vehicle tracking solutions.


GPS Solutions is committed to providing our customers with tools that support the monitoring of vehicle activity. We are not a technology company as much as we are a provider of information. Whether for business or family, the data provided by GPS vehicle tracking is meant to support guidelines that are already in place for the safe efficient and responsible use of transportation.

GPS Solutions is a national reseller of GPS based vehicle and asset location, tracking and dispatching technology to small businesses, large corporations and individual consumers.

We also provide consulting services that support business operations.

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