Detoxify like Hollywood's celebrities. Lose girth, tighten connective tissue and shape your body by simply wearing GR4tex, the shaping revolution 'Made in Germany'.

At first glance, fashionable shirts and pants, the true power lies in the unusual patterns. Impulse collectors with integrated semiconductor technology, incorporated into the fabric, interact with the body's own  weak electricity and reflect it back, slightly altered. A kind of ping-pong effect occurs between skin and clothing, stimulating muscles and tissue. This leads to detoxification and cleansing of the body. Waste products and toxins, major causes of cellulite, can be reduced quickly, which is the reason why the connective tissue becomes tighter by simply wearing these clothes. Wearing GR4tex regularly prevents the formation of cellulite and reduces existing cellulite.

GR4tex is the perfected detox product from the makers of the detox wraps. In the 90th countless women around the world fought cellulite, lost inches and detoxified with body wraps, created by the German inventor Dirk Grafischer. German Olympic athletes used his body wraps to improve their performance at the Olympic games in Atlanta. Even the American tennis legend Pete Sampras got wrapped. Now, 15 years later, after extensive research Dirk and his German research team created GR4tex, functional anti-cellulite shape wear for detoxification and holistic girth reduction - the new detox secret of Hollywood's celebrities.