"The purpose of our business is simple; to create customers for our clients" says Managing Director Duncan Grisedale of GRI Global. Businesses use many different ways to communicate with customers and many different tools, but corporate branding and consistency in the quality of the communication can ensure the customers stay satisfied with the business.

GRI Global specialises in Face-to-face communication and acquisition. In today’s competitive industry every business is trying to get ahead, there are many ways to do so but in the end, face-to-face acquisition has the greatest return on investment.

In modern society, with the rapid development of technology, people have more ways to communicate each other, other than face to face, letters, emails, or telephones. These days word of mouth can travel much faster on social media sites and blogs. However, even though people may hear about your brand quicker with the help of the internet – does that mean they will switch to your service?

This is why GRI Global believe that face to face communication is much better than the other traditional and modern forms of communication, as trust can be built and maintained better through face-to-face.

When people communicate with each other in person, they can get responses immediately without misunderstanding. During conversation, people can not only hear responses from others, they also see how they are feeling; people can guess what will take place next. During the conversation it is not just what we are saying to your customers that communicate your brand message – it is also our body language and tone of voice that comes into play.

Our clients know that face to face communication helps people express their feelings, ideas, any concerns they may have and thus then make a decision with all the facts in front of them.

Our key success factor is that we do everything face-to-face no matter how big or small the query. Here at GRI Global we believe that no matter how developed different forms of communication get, face to face is still the most important and effective way for communication. This is what separates us from many other companies and why we have experienced such success in Northern Ireland.

Undoubtedly the one thing that separates us of every other sales and marketing company is our approach to ensuring success with the campaigns we take on. Many clients are surprised and have admiration for our determination to succeed with ensuring that we hit all targets set out by them in the first place. They know that we can guarantee success because they only pay for customers we generate for them. Yes you read that right – payment on successful customer generation. This gives our clients the peace of mind they need, and us the drive to ensure success whenever we sign on the dotted line.

With the rapid development of technology in the modern society, people have more choices on how to communicate with a brand. With this increase, companies need to keep up, which is why our clients have chosen to outsource to GRI Global.

We know that running a business brings with it a series of challenges. But, working alongside GRI Global you'll see the benefits immediately with our high-quality business support and experience that can help you every step of the way.

GRI Global's vision is simple – to represent our clients in the same way they would represent themselves. By doing so we know that we will naturally expand and reach the our growth potential.

With the economy on the up and companies looking for new ways to expand their business face-to-face is an obvious choice and so is GRI Global.

We provide a number of services to our clients:

• Face-to-face communication strategy formulation
• Up to date feedback on pilot programs
• Customer research
• Brand awareness through face-to-face communication
• Professional brand representation to end users
• Build trust and relationships with potential customers
• Customer acquisition through face-to-face communication
• Increase sales for clients