About GVD
GVD is a leading added value distributor of IP video surveillance and security technology to the Irish market.  With headquarters in Dublin and a UK branch office in Windsor, GVD provides unrivalled step –by-step consultancy to resellers and installers to ensure they can deliver the best solutions for their customers.  GVD has direct partnerships with leading vendors such as ACTi, IQinVision, Milestone, Netgenium, ACT, Briefcam, Pivot3, QNAP, Xtralis, Cernium, Viasys IV, Fit-PC, Sparklan and Meru networks.  GVD is the only Advanced Certified Distributor of Milestone in Ireland and is also Ireland’s sole Certified Milestone Professional Trainer- training security installers in Milestone XProtect™ Professional so that they can install and sell Milestone software.

GVD also specialises in event IT/communications and has managed all IT/Communications at the 2006 Ryder Cup in Ireland, the Irish Open every year since 2004 and also the World Indoor Track Cycling Championships 2008 in Manchester.  For more information on GVD please visit www.gvd.ie