We are seeking people who want to partner with us to start a new home-based business with a Million Dollar potential in one of the largest consumer services industries in the nation.

This is not a joke. Not a scam. It is a REAL opportunity for a group of business-minded people who want to change their lives FOR EVER! You will own your own Home-Based business, but our Nationwide Team will jointly support you and help you grow your business and succeed. This is a LEGAL, USA based Corporation that is FEDERALLY LICENSED, FEDERALLY REGULATED and PUBLICLY TRADED.

In the U.S. alone, more than $11 Billion per month is spent on the services that we provide. In fact, I can GUARANTEE that EVERYONE reading this and EVERYONE YOU KNOW, uses these services EACH and EVERY DAY and more than likely, cannot function without them!

This is a business with products that you will not have to SELL. Our Products and Services sell themselves! Everyone knows our products and are eager to find better deals with more features for less money.

We Offer That Better Solution!

Your Requirements!

As an Authorized Independent Agent and partner on our Business Team you must be willing to commit to the following:

Pay a one-time registration fee as low as $49.99 to become an Authorized Independent Agent.

Pay a monthly corporate business service fee of $49.99 starting month 2 [on which you will derive residual income].

Take advantage of our extensive ONLINE and LIVE Webinar training to learn everything about our company and our products.

If contractually able, switch at least one current service to your own individual business! Why pay someone else when you can get BETTER service from your own company. You will save money, get more and better service value and earn residual commissions from your service billing and everyone else in your organization, for as long as you have the service [most likely for LIFE].

Your Income Potential!

Your income potential is UNLIMITED! 5 to 6 figure monthly income is not UNREALISTIC as YOUR business builds. Unique in this industry is the opportunity for each partner to not only build an outstanding Weekly and Monthly income, but also earn residual income for LIFE! With some 280 million Americans depending on the products and services we offer, our customer base is also UNLIMITED!

This is truly the opportunity of a life time.

In the past month our company has acquired another similar corporation. Our stock has risen by more than 50% and we are bringing in new customers in record numbers.

To start a home-based business you will be PROUD to own and market, please visit our website.