GreenWood International Insurance Services, Inc. is a Managing General Underwriter (MGU) established upon a solid groundwork of flexible underwriting, reliable and efficient claims administration and sustained by a knowledgeable staff averaging more than 20 years experience in the insurance industry.

GWI’s expertise allows us to visualize distinctive risk management solutions for our clients. Our network of industry relationships and resourceful approach allows GWI to handle risks that may seem out of reach or uninsurable at initial review.

GreenWood International underwrites and manages a vast array of products from Medical Stop Loss, Group Accident, Occupational Accident, and Primary Employer’s Indemnity Insurance. GWI also offers an advanced, web-based Consumer Driven Healthcare Platform through our sister company, Integrated Healthcare, LLC. Few other MGUs are able to offer and tailor-fit so many products to such a wide client base.

GWI has offices in Boston, MA, Overland Park, KS, Austin, TX and Newport Beach, CA.
About Integrated Healthcare, LLC
In their mission to remain at the forefront of their industry, GWI offers a revolutionary point-and-click consumer driven healthcare platform (CDHP) through their sister company, Integrated Healthcare, LLC (IHC) .  Integrated Healthcare, LLC leads the surge towards consumer driven healthcare for small and mid-market businesses.   IHC focuses on delivering a cost effective healthcare solution for businesses of 50 to 2000 employees--a market that has been overlooked by consumer driven health plan providers in the past.  Through solid partnerships with industry leaders, Integrated Healthcare, LLC is able to provide disease management and employee wellness services stressing employees' active participation in making informed health decisions.

The movement towards consumer driven healthcare is literally on fire and Integrated Healthcare, LLC is uniquely positioned as a complete end-on-end, web based insurance platform. This fully-integrated, user-friendly platform provides simple, up-to-date access and control while mitigating increasing healthcare costs for both the employer and employee. Visit www.integratedhci.com to learn more!