GadgIT-Mat is a newly created brand with a forthcoming range of inspired new products and accessories to make life a little easier for IT (Information Technology) users, particularly those who miss using a mouse with their portable computer.
The GadgIT-Mat brand has been created by our team here at Healey & Brown Innovations Ltd. We are a newly formed inventions & product design company keen on bringing exciting new products to the market place.
Healey & Brown Innovations Ltd. was only formed early 2010 leaving a second year of dedicated work on GadgIT-Mat to be ready for it's long awaited launch beginning of May '11.
Despite the worries many of us share about this year being financially troubled, we at Healey & Brown remain excited and quietly confident that people will like GadgIT-Mat and the RRP price we intend to sell the product at will suit most peoples budgets.

The ingenious Laptop GadgIT-Mat is a brand new innovative device that overcomes the common problem many people encounter when trying to use a mouse with a laptop whilst away from the desk...
We refer to the problems associated with finding a suitable surface area on which to use your mouse...
This product is intended for common everyday use and is suitable for anyone using a laptop whether it be for work, leisure or play.
You could be relaxing at home on your sofa, commuting on a train, travelling on an airplane or catching up on some work in a coffee shop or hotel lobby.
In your place of work, GadgIT-Mat can simply be used at your desk.

Now you can use your mouse anywhere you would normally take your laptop!