The Gaited American Sporthorse Registry LLC is a new gaited horse registry created to promote and expand the use of sound, smooth gaited, saddle horses of any gaited breed or bloodlines through competitions and exhibitions.  
The new registry also dedicates specific classes in each of its shows to be for Special Needs riders only, giving each rider the unique thrill that comes from riding a gaited horse in front of a crowd.
The Gaited American Sporthorse Registry (GASR) will conduct several competitions annually.  “The same horse and rider will compete in halter, pleasure, versatility, and ranch horse with cattle classes gaining points toward the show high point award,” said founder Rick Gates of Catoosa, Oklahoma. Each competition is also a charity show, with a portion of its show profits being donated to a charity designated by the show management.
    Both breed-registered and non-registered gaited horses and ponies are welcome to register with GASR.  “Horses not currently registered with a breed association may be gait verified by a GASR representative upon request,” said Gates.
    In addition to holding exciting competitions, exhibitions, and clinics open to both youth and adults, GASR will maintain a list of accrued show points earned by each horse in GASR classes.  This history will stay with the horse throughout its life, adding to its value.