We solve those difficult Australian Customs and Freight Forwarding problems so you can make your business awesome

We are Australian customs brokers providing an efficient and trouble free customs clearance service for all types of products, whether it is air or sea freight.

Curlett, Cannon & Galbell Pty Ltd. is an independent, licensed customs brokerage established in 1976. As such, we offer a very personalised service to our clients. We pride ourselves on this service, always being prepared to spend time with our clients to ensure all their requirements are met and all services are handled professionally and efficiently.

We began solely specialist customs brokers establishing a long tradition of superior service in providing practical professional advice. We are committed to ensuring that all custom compliances are met and all problems are resolved to ensure your delivery is prompt and at minimum cost.

During our thirty five years of experience, we have developed an extensive and broad range of logistics services such as cartage & freight forwarding, customs clearance, pick N pack; warehousing, we organise the transportation and management of your air and sea freight through our international agents to almost any destination in the world.

We have assembled a team of experienced and motivated professionals providing customs brokerage and associated services, including customs duty refund audits and distribution services.

One phone call to +61 9330 2122 is all that you need make to move your important goods from any point in the world. Just leave the rest of the organisation to the Curlett, Cannon and Galbell team and our selected overseas affiliates.

Curlett Cannon & Galbell customs services include:

•Fast customs clearance
•Door to door from anywhere in the world
•Direct computer link to customs
•Nationwide same day or next day deliveries
•Air freight - all Australian airports
•Sea freight - all Australia ports