Galerie Seru is an online art gallery that reveals and reinterprets the Art Deco era. Among the period photographs and images you will find the best of Art Deco, as well as Cubism, De Stijll, the Bauhaus – literally a melting pot of the Avante Garde.

Our privately-owned collection of rare 20th century decorative art portfolios and books was assembled by a young collector traveling on bicycle scouring vintage book stores and antique/thrift shops in the 1960's and 70's. These original, period documents are now the source of the Art Deco images in our collection. Furniture, room settings, graphics, drawings, textiles and objects, all recognized, outstanding examples of Modernism are among the images we draw upon for our prints.

Today, Galerie Seru artists, designers and printers passionately produce authentic true to original reproductions of period photographs, pochoirs and drawings from one of the most important design movements of the early 20th century.

Matt and Chris Enock