Gallantium is an innovative company that specialises in providing education and awareness content to help employers manage mental health conditions in the workplace. What sets Gallantium apart is their unique approach of delivering a monthly support package that explores a new workplace mental health topic on the first day of each month.

This support content delivers a range of high-end resources including video presentations with dramatised case studies, podcasts, written support guides and exclusive articles. The goal of this approach is to drive knowledge transfer and behavioural change. Gallantium's content is created by experts in the field of workplace mental health and is aimed at providing practical solutions to help employers manage mental health issues before they become unmanageable.

Gallantium’s commitment to creating awareness and providing support is a testament to their dedication to improving mental health in the workplace. The content has been created to be engaging and accessible for employees, and to suit a range of different learning styles. Gallantium’s rolling monthly delivery approach helps employers to demonstrate care and support for good mental health management at all times. It keeps mental health at the top of the agenda, and managers and employees receive the support and knowledge needed to create a permanently safe and healthy workplace environment.