Garap Home Inventory provides a professional, reliable, third party home or business inventory designed to maximize your claim benefits and make the process easy. Additionally our service can document your personal property prior to a move or storage in the event you need to prove damage or theft.

Our Services Includes:

Homeowner Inventory

A video recording starting with the outside of your home. Inside of your home every room is taped showing all the contents (including the garage and basement).

Digital photographs to supplement the video. These high quality images record in greater detail all your collectibles, antiques, jewelry, furs, furniture, cars, boats, etc.

Written records of each item of value including a description, serial/model numbers, cost and estimated or appraised value.

Estate organizer worksheet.

A review of insurance to verify coverage of valuables.

Garap Home Inventory will present your completed documentation in an attractive portfolio. Your digital images will be recorded permanently on a CD as well as visually displayed in your written documentation. We will secure a backup copy for you, and at your request submit a copy to your Insurance Company and/or Police Department.