This business was created to help people to garden that have experienced loss of strength and mobility from arthritis or other debilitating conditions.   I would like to introduce others to  the joy of gardening and the feeling of satisfaction of creating beauty and order in their lives.
I offer tools that are easy to use even though hand and arm strength is limited.  The website offers two blogs a month about different subjects related to gardening.  Gardening is good exercise for everyone but especially for those of us with limited mobility.  Gardening in raised beds or containers can be done from a wheelchair.  Getting outdoors to garden is good for our health, mind, body and spirit.  I have experienced this in my life as I am in my early 80's and have had debilitating rheumatoid arthritis since I was a child.  I figured out a way to have a beautiful yard and have used the tools on my website for many years.  All of the products offered on this website are made in the United States of America.