Garry Holloway is a diamond expert. A geologist turned jeweller with +40 years’ experience, he is internationally known as CutNut, specializing in the science of diamond cut quality.

He has invented globally used tools and patented the Holloway Cut Advisor (HCA) used to grade around $1M of diamonds on the worlds largest diamond consumer info website www.Pricescopecom  every day.

Garry lectures to the trade in USA, Russia and India, as well as teaching at the Gemmological Association of Australia as past National Convener of the Diamond Diploma. His R&D and publications work with the ‘Cut Group’ has led to the development of tools is used by the who’s who of the diamond industry. His discovery of a relationship between diamond crown and pavilion angles changed the way diamond grading labs developed their cut grading systems.

He founded and owns Holloway Diamonds an upmarket diamond designer and retail business in Melbourne Australia.