GasPredictor.com publishes predictions of retail gas prices one day in advance on its Web site and via e-mail to subscribers.  Visit http://www.gaspredictor.com for gas-saving tips and delayed daily forecasts of tomorrow's pump prices, or subscribe at http://www.gaspredictor.com/SubscribeMain.htm to get the forecasts before you go home from work.

Our Gas Predictor newsletter is delivered every business day at about 4:30 PM Eastern Time.  It is available in a Nationwide edition, predicting whether gas prices will rise, fall, or remain the same in the 48 contiguous United States, or in several local editions which predict tomorrow's price of gasoline, not just whether it will increase or decrease, in the selected city.

These predictions are also posted on the Web site each business day at about 8:30 AM Eastern Time, 16 hours after it has been released to our subscribers.

Subscriptions are strictly limited.  Only 2,000 people may subscribe to each local edition, and 4,000 to the Nationwide edition.  Once all subscriptions have been sold, no more will be available until some subscribers let their subscriptions lapse.  You may add yourself to our waiting list if the edition of the newsletter you want is unavailable.

As of February, 2010, our daily gas price predictions were correct over 99% of the time..