About Gear Stream, Inc.

Gear Stream is the leading large-scale Agile Enterprise Transformation and Agile Outsourcing Partner in North America focused on supporting Agile team transitions that drive broad company support for innovating the entire software and product development life-cycle.  In contrast to others, Gear Stream’s Agile Transformation Framework integrates direct involvement from CIO’s, PMO’s, Product Marketing, QA and Operations Leaders to insure that broad company change is constructively supported and implemented.

Gear Flow - Framework for Driving Large Scale Enterprise Transformation using Agile, Lean and Scrum

Gear Flow, Gear Stream’s flagship transformation framework, is designed to guide Enterprise executives on how best to drive sustainable Lean and Agile change across the organization resulting in up and down stream enterprise workflows better synchronized with Agile team speed and cadence.  The Gear Flow framework also includes a keen focus on identifying and eliminating excessive, unnecessary governance resulting in driving additional Agile team productivity and dramatic improvements to end-to-end cycle-time and software and product quality - something we like to call “Getting in the Flow.”

Other Service Offerings from Gear Stream include:

Gear IQ -

Gear IQ is a complete set of Agile, Lean and Scrum Coaching, Training and Courseware Offerings both on-site and OnDemand.

Gear Labs -

Gear Labs is the only OnDemand Agile Outsourcing Solution offered in North America supported by Agile development centers in Raleigh & Argentina purpose built to provide same-time-zone OnDemand Agile Teams.  Gear Labs will also provision high performance Agile team to work directly with clients on-site.  This model works by leveraging a same-time-zone operating model that overcomes most of the difficulties associated with Agile Outsourcing in India, Eastern Europe and China.

Gear Hub -

Gear Hub is a set of rich Enterprise Lean analytics dashboards and rich collaboration tools under development to support the need for end-to-end collaboration flow among stakeholders in companies transitioning to an Enterprise Lean Software & Product Development life-cycle.

Gear Stream Corporate Background:

Gear Stream, Inc. is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina and is privately held.  For more information about how Gear Stream makes software innovation flow,  visit online at  http://www.gearstream.com or by calling 1-919-415-1800 (US, Canada and International).

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