Gecko Connect is a Strategy Consulting Company. We specialise in developing Communications, Corporate Governance and Business Expansion strategies.
Our focus is on strategic stakeholder engagement that will grow and develop international business and citizen communities by facilitating dialogues between private and public entities to create economically viable strategies and partnerships in and through Africa.

Gecko Connect is 100% female owned and was started in September 2011 by Alana James and Kim Webster, after establishing corporate careers of over 20 years collectively. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa but have worked internationally and still service an international client base. Our purpose and experience is utilised to ensure your organisation connects with all your stakeholders, across countries, platforms and industries.

The important details:
· We have global experience,
· We have 20 years experience collectively
· Our services are designed to match the fast pace of the corporate world in which we’ve worked for leading corporates and NGO’s.
· Our diverse experience has taught us to communicate beyond the barriers of language, culture, religion, politics and infrastructure.

We put effort into being highly informed about the industries and countries our clients operate in and form close personal relationships with Clients, Government, Industry Bodies, Suppliers and Media. We come from a strong communications & brand background and appreciate the fact that messages need to be tailored and delivered for different audiences and platforms.
What sets us apart from our competitors is our diversity. We have an in-depth knowledge of the Corporate world as well as the Government and NGO sectors. We offer solutions that integrate the business strategic objectives in our Communications and Engagement plans.
We are not a publicity agency. We do not exist for the sole purpose of obtaining coverage for clients for their achievements. We view our mandate as creating Communication Strategies that facilitates the sharing of mutually beneficial information to stimulate sustainable economic growth, entrepreneurship
and socio-economic development

Each client has their own needs from ongoing/retainer based services to Project specific support. Following an initial consultation/brief Gecko Connect will propose a project specific fee or a retainer option suited to your business requirements.