Gellite Candles is America's premier gel candle manufacturer and specializes in high quality American made gel candles for wholesale. Our gel candle styles range from tea lights up to almost 45 oz including fragranced jar candles and gel tea lights as well as some fun novelty style gel candles. Our styles include;

Oceanscape Jar Gel Candles
Lidded Jar Gel Candles
Champagne Gel Candles
Martini Gel Candles
Wine Glass Gel Candles
Beer Mug Gel Candles
Holiday Gel Candles
Custom design and theme Gel Candles
and other styles are available on a custom basis!

We can help you customize a candle and fragrance selection that will sell great whether you are a gift shop or boutique adding an additional line to your product mix, or are looking for a full candle store concept. We have worked with stores that have added as little as 2 square feet of shelf space all the way up to a 1,000 square foot candle specialty store.

Gellite has worked with many types of stores including but not limited to;
Gift Shops
Souvenir Shops
Card shops
Marinas & Boat Supply stores
Candle Stores
Drug Stores & Pharmacies
Medi-Spas and Holistic Healing centers
Spas and Hair Salons
Hospital Gift Shops

Gellite also offers fundraising programs for non-profit groups allowing them to reach their financial goals and support their members.