Creates totally unique gold & silver jewelry using a wide range of natural gemstones. Includes specialty jewelry for athletes, actors & actresses, motion pictures, weddings, birthday's and many other unique creation groups desiring custom jewelry, either for themselves or someone else as a gift.

  Fine HandCrafted Jewelry also has a respectable inventory of gemstones for those who build their own jewelry, or would rather have a jeweler in their area build the jewelry. In fact, FHJ has some of the absolute lowest prices in wholesale gemstones found anywhere in the USA.

  "Our gemstone Lots are not only the lowest priced, but are all natural, and grouped into colored batches that can actually be used by a jeweler to create themed jewelry arrangements.
  Buying a 'lot' or group of gemstones in all different in colors and types is useless. Order your gemstones from a reputable source that can supply gemstone lots in not only the same type, but the exact same color in that type of gem as well."   Quote Joey Rush CEO of FHJ.

  Fine HandCratfed Jewelry uses it's own gemstones to create the glamorous, sometimes superfine jewelry you will see by visiting their jewelry & gemstone webstore.

  Superb customer service; money back guarantee; and ships anywhere in the USA. To order by phone simply call; 251-675-4405 Shop, or 251-725-0298 Studio.

  You may also want to visit the sites Learning Center. Devoted to the craft of jewelry construction, you'll find a mountain of information for your use that will earn and save you money, whether you are in business, or just need a gift for yourself or someone else.

  Fine HandCrafted Jewelry
has something for everyone. Even treasure hunting for dad. We'll see you there.