Toronto ON, August 20 – An e-Sports league for work teams launches to allow remote working employees an alternative to team bonding and inter business networking activities.

As employees have been forced to work remotely we understand that most business’s focus has been on adapting to the new way of business productivity and making it difficult to do the same amount of team bonding and inter business networking activities as before.

This is why we felt the need to launch the work team e-Sports league in hopes of allowing work teams to work together and challenge different business teams in a fun way of business networking.

Through our social platform businesses can customize their team pages allowing an easy way to promote their offerings.

Frequent tournament nights run remotely through the platform to will allow team members to meet and compete with many other businesses and their team's individuals.

“With everyone working remotely I think people are looking for more opportunities to connect with others in a fun environment”, says Jordan Sojnocki, Co-organizer. “I am excited to meet everyone.”

Currently, we are asking for input on what games people would be interested in playing if they were to join.

Register: https://gendigital.me/join-the-work-teams/

Media RSVP to:

Jordan Sojnocki, Co-organizer  

Telephone: 226-678-0923

Email: jordan@gendigital.me