GenX Mobile was founded in 2003 and is located in San Jose, California.

GenX Mobile, Inc. is committed to providing telematic, security and fleet service companies with the most effective and up-to-date wireless location enabled equipment to offer compelling services/solutions to their end customers.  GenX Mobile solutions are highly configurable and designed to service a wide variety of market and industry requirements.  GenX Mobile solutions are ideal for Mobile Resource Management, vehicle tracking and many other location aware applications and services.  GenX Mobile has authored more than a dozen patents in the wireless and GPS related areas. Many of these patents are currently utilized by major MRM service companies. GenX Mobile intellectual property includes existing patents and pending patents covering the technology and business areas of GPS and wireless data communications.  GenX Mobile has shipped over 200,000 units internationally in the past 3 yrs and continues to grow year over year.  GenX Mobile products are manufactured in the US and are available to the US, European, Canadian, and Mexico markets.