GenZ™  is an innovative publisher for talented authors to have their work seen, recognized, and read by a large audience. Unlike most publishers who only publish established writers or those with a literary agent, we published based on the author’s talent and their book’s content. GenZ™ makes dreams come true.

“I find this refreshing to be able to talk with authors and other like minds. Self-publishing you are just trying to write, but you aren’t on the level where you can talk with like minds. With GenZ there is a talent that has potential and are driven. We are in our own little world; it is great camaraderie. We aren’t in competition. We need to support each other. I find that with GenZ, and it is very uplifting.” -Jeffrey M. Thompson Jr.

We are on a mission to improve the world one word at a time. That is why we are the place for voices to be heard in a way not previously done in print and on digital media.

It can be nearly impossible for writers with promising talent to produce standout work that will be recognized, because of the state of the publishing and digital media industries. Being published is difficult without an agent or the establishment that comes with age. Having work recognized in a sea of so many writers is even tougher.

That is why there is an underrepresentation of new and innovative voices in the publishing  world. There are many unheard voices. We are ready to change that.

There are so many writers who are full of innovative ideas that deserve to be shared with a large audience. GenZ™  provides a platform where these people can be positively recognized for their work through a professional product and supportive company. Our authors say that GenZ has become more of a family.

Our books are available on Amazon, Barnes  & Noble, through our catalog, and more. We attend book fairs, festivals, and readings often.

The Inspiration for GenZ Publishing by Founder Morissa Schwartz

“I self-published my first book in high school and had a book published by a national publishing company in college that went on to be a ‘bestseller.’ When others hear this, many ask the same questions: How did you do it, and how can I publish too? The truth is, it is very tough to get published, especially for young people looking to have their writing taken seriously.

Being published has been an amazing experience for me that has opened many doors, and I want to allow other young people to have the same experience to share their words with the world. That is why I started GenZ Publishing. We are an innovative technology-based publisher focusing on releasing works by new generation writers.”

~Morissa Schwartz


From GenZ Published Author of A Poet and his Errant Pen, Adrian DeBarros
“My publisher has treated me like a million bucks in continual royalties.  I love my publisher, GenZ, well for one, they believed in me and for another, Morissa Schwartz – wholly cow, I thought I had my fingers in a lot of projects, she has her fingers and toes dipped in inspirational projects, as well as bringing more talented authors to the GenZ family!  She believes in each and every one of us, she is in constant motion, just look at her instagram feed or twitter feed, she’s feeding the world inspiration daily like the world is inspirationally malnourished.

Morissa Schwartz continues to be a huge motivational figure in my life and others around the world.  I wanted to take my time out and tell the world, the hard and inspirational work she does behind the scenes.  I also wanted to keep this post short so you can check out her out and all her awesomeness including the team at GenZ publishing.  I am forever grateful to have met her friendly, inspirational soul and fierce determination.

Moreover, what publisher do you know of who places their authors’ faces on a t-shirt?

This is my simple gratitude post about my publisher GenZ.  Now please go check out how they’re changing the world as a publisher.