Genesys Ent6erprises is a multi web service based in Branson MO. We are the founders of the Genesys Social media Platform currently taking Facebook head-on.

Genesys Social Media and Genesys Enterprises LLC began in Hartford Connecticut. With Facebook all the rage, they felt something critically human was getting lost: the spirit of our democracy and the backbone of our privacy. The big technology companies, you know who they are, had reverted to treating us as commodities. They somehow mistook people signing up to use their services as a welcome invitation to target, track, spy, and sell our information to advertisers and the government. All in all, it felt pretty creepy.

Genesys Social Media founder, Brandon Gibson, dreamed of the next generation in online communications, envisioning a social and chat app that would give people everywhere the most exciting and helpful sharing technology with privacy built into the design - where members would feel safe and respected.

Brandon relocated to Branson, Missouri where he grew up, in the backyard of the worlds greatest country stars like Dolly Parton, The grand jubillee and Box Car willie as well as the famous Silver dollar city western theme fun park- Genesys is built on the idea by fun, good people determined to revolutionize social media and build a new platform to go head-to-head with Facebook and restore decency, privacy, and respect for social media users.

Brandon created the Genesys Enterprises LLC, Genesys OS, and the Genesys Mobile, as an engineer he set out to design and build the world’s first World wide web network with privacy-by-design for its members. The 5-year project will launch a new era of internet usage. With a Social Media platform, a search engine, a cellular phone network, a laptop and desktop design all being built to help you stay private on the internet. We built our VPN Network as a messure to ad another layer of the internet. With no-logging VPNs being setup nation-wide you have the DARK-WEB, THE WORLD-WIDE-WEB, GOOGLE then you have The Genesys Internet platform. An internet built on top of the existing internet as a private Virtual Private Network. consisting of the Genesys Platform.

Making its official launch in 2019 Genesys Enterprises LLC will become Facebook, google, Amazon and the NSA's bigest threat to end the socalled Data Mining and the Socalled deep-state monitoring.
Genesys Enterprises LLC is the visionary culmination of years of determined efforts, research, and development to provide people around the world with a communication network they love and trust.