Genius Music is an independent label that embodies the fiercely independent spirit of labels like Motown, Cadillac Records or Virgin Records, going against the grain to make music appreciated the world over. Understanding the musicality and garnering their own resources has led to success that was simply – genius. Elijah McCoy aka Genius is a 16-year Music Executive behind the Genius Music brand. Blessed to work with and learn from the late Jheryl Busby, former President and CEO of Motown Records and the late Ronnie Johnson, former executive Vice President of Atlantic Records early in his career as an executive set the tone for a incredible foundation. Eli’s bold vision is fresh nostalgia in the 21st century making a cutting-edge independent record label for artists that share his passion and drive. Genius goal is to provide music recording studios, dance and rehearsal performance studio, global distribution, merchandising, resources and mentorship to cultivate successful artists. Genius Music’s strategy is to produce, market and distribute music with very low over-head but the same impact as a major label. Genius Music will enable the independent artist to navigate their career within the Genius Music infrastructure leading to a completely transparent and collaborative environment. The independent artist is allowed to maintain the truth of their creative expression with a platform from which to be heard through the support, structure and guidance of a label.